Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Are the Dishes Done?

Not yet!

Now they're done! A place for everything, and everything in their place.
I prefer to dry and put away everything so I start the day with clear counters and everything in its place and easy to find or get to. I love a clean kitchen with cleared counters!

Friday, February 1, 2019

A Whole New Family

What's more exciting than having your own family? Well, I guess it's having one of your children form a new family.

Lt. Lehi, Miss Pasta, and little Jellybean

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Lt. Lehi and his son Jellybean
He arrived 15 January at about 10:30 PM weighing 8 lb. 4 oz, measuring 20.5 inches. We are thrilled.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year Update

Christmas visitors!
JET age 25

Noble age 29

Dandylion age 20

Mr. Movie age 22
I'm not a great photographer and I don't have a wonderful camera so my photos are less than "Kodak Moments" quality. But whatever, I take a few photos to jog my memory.

We missed having Lt. Lehi and Miss Pasta with us. They are just a few weeks away from giving us our first grandchild, Jellybean.

The holidays were quiet, spent at home, enjoying time together.

Mr. Movie building his new Lego set "Diner"

January is my month to take care of some health issues. I've already had some pre-cancerous spots of Actinec Keritosis burned off my face and right hand. Upcoming is cataract surgery on my right eye. After that, new glasses, and then on to seeing about my painful left foot. Seems like when I turned 60, a year ago, my body began to fall apart!

 Goals for the new year include:

Finishing long ago begun projects: Cookbook, photo albums, quilts, etc.
Learning to speak (and read and write) Korean: I'm using an online program called Memrise.
Planting a flower garden
Downsizing my fabric stash and associated notions.
Improve my health by losing another 50 lbs. and exercising 4-5 days each week. (I'm down 16 lbs. since last summer.) It's slow going because I am making permanent changes to my eating habits so the weight loss will be permanent.

I'm still deciding whether to attempt blogging regularly. There are others who are so much better at it than I am, but I think I have something to offer. Leave a comment with your thoughts! I think of those whose blogs I read and those who read my blog as my friends! I like getting together.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Autumn Update

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!

Uncluttered counters leave room for food prep!

I took the white chair rail off the walls and like the look better. Eventually I'll remove all the wallpaper and paint the walls my favorite pale pink.

TopDad surprised me with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers!

Our first snowfall on October 14.

It began to look a lot like Christmas! And I'm not ready.

The cold, gloomy weather called for a pot of "Cowgirl Stew".

This image of the dining room ceiling is proof of why I can't just quickly paint. There is tons of prep work to do and I'm not sure of how solid the plaster underneath is. In other places the plaster is actually falling down!

The painted over wallpaper is cracking and separating from the wall. I had hoped to paint over it, but in the spots where I tested paint, it looks terrible so it must come off.

More cracks and separation in the dining room.

The living room is even worse!

No way I'm going to paint over this mess. It has to be removed.

More of the living room.

The walls are over nine feet tall, and the middle of the ceiling is almost eleven feet tall. It makes me tired just to look at it! I'm a slow worker so I'm not eager to tear into it and live in a mess for a year or two. I have to "gird up my loins, fresh courage take" and proceed! Anyone want to come over and help?

I love the space of this home. It is what I wanted for our family. Just have to get rid of the soul-sucking decor and paint it the colors that enliven my soul, put up my artwork and pretty plates, and then it will be as close to perfect as I'll get in this life.