Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How did that get in here?

Last night as I was reading in bed before turning out the light to go to sleep I was interrupted by Dr. Hair saying "Mom, there's a bird in my room and it just flew downstairs." I threw on a robe and we went downstairs to let the bird outside. I saw it flying around the kitchen, then it went into the pantry and Dr. Hair saw it go into a big box where I keep plastic containers used in lunches during the school year. I got a dishtowel and draped it over the box and took the box outside. Once outside on the patio I pulled the towel off expecting the bird to fly out of the box to freedom. It didn't! So Dr. Hair grabbed a flashlight and I looked into the box where I could hear the creature moving around but couldn't see it. I moved the containers around and finally got a glimpse of it. It wasn't a bird but a little brown BAT!!

I wish I'd had my camera handy, but didn't so couldn't get a picture. The little thing looked just like a cartoon creature peering over a cool whip container up into the light beam of the flashlight. It didn't make a sound and to get rid of it I finally had to dump the contents out onto the concrete before it finally took off.

Bats are useful for eating insects, especially mosquitos. But how it got into the house is still a mystery.

Several weeks ago I found a baby snake in the basement. It was not a friendly snake either, as it kept opening its mouth and striking. I don't know what kind it was because I couldn't hold it to get a good look at it. I captured it in a quart yogurt container and took it out to the garden. How it got in or where it came from I have no idea.

Many years ago in Virginia we occasionally found baby snakes in our house; they were beautiful light grey with a dark necklace. They never opened their mouths or struck so I could pick them up and hold them. They were smooth and lovely. Only once did I find more than one at a time. Weird. But true. No idea where they came from either.

I'm not the kind to scream about creatures in the house. I've battled all sorts of insects, reptiles and mammals in my time. Good thing too, what with raising four boys.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation or Where Was My Brain

We spent almost a whole week with my Dad in San Diego and I didn't even think about taking a picture of him with our boys. ARGHHHHH. Where was my brain?

We had a great time in Utah and California; especially San Diego where the weather was perfect.

Here are the few pictures I did take, such as they are.

Dandylion, Dr. Hair and PW ready for take-off

Topdad the Captain

"Captain, we've lost two of our crew."

Lincoln Monument at the highest elevation on Interstate 80

Dr. Hair

PW and Dr. Hair at the Purple Heart Trail Marker (same spot on I 80)

Smoke from fire near Scipio, Utah

Another view of smoke

Crew restored and ready -- well, maybe just restored

Moonrise over Southern California, north of San Diego
Dr. Hair wanted to go the the San Diego Automotive Museum to see his beloved DeLorean and to his astonishment and delight there was a Steampunk exhibit:

Fantastical Flying Car - We thought it looked just like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Another fabulous creation with our three boys to the left

Side view of the wild buggy

Hats and goggles and other gizmos and gadgets

Different Angle - Same stuff

(When I got home and caught up on my blogs I found a link to this scrumptious collection of Prada clothes for men from their fall collection. Check it out for great Steampunk looks.)

We spent an afternoon at Coronado Beach, named one of the top ten beaches in the country, of course, one of our favorites (San Diego is my home town, after all).

Dandylion and Dr. Hair

Dandylion warming up in his cocoon of sand

Dr. Hair gloating
We toured the aircraft carrier USS Midway and were awestruck at the immensity of it. We covered only one deck besides the flight deck before we were tired. Just enormous.

PW -- future pilot

We stopped for gas in Las Vegas -- check out the temperature!
And that's about it. Doesn't look like much, but my journal entries tell the whole story. We had a great time together and accomplished all our goals.

Now back in Iowa we're enduring a killer heat wave! Our local church leaders have asked us to join in a day of fasting and prayer this Sunday (July 29) for drought relief. We sure need it.