Thursday, November 7, 2019

Have You Ever Tried. . .

Dragon Fruit?

The outside fruit may call to mind a dragon, but the inside is definitely Dalmation! And it's really yummy.

Or, have you tried Kimbap? A Korean wrap.

l-r Pickled Radish, sliced carrots, beef, for the filling

Two completed rolls all sliced up, with more pickled radish on the side.

The green is wilted spinach, and there's egg too. Delicious for lunch or snacks.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What I Made Last Spring

Our daughter, Noble, asked for help making a book bag, specifically for carrying large hard cover books. She was already carrying a large shoulder bag with computer, etc., to school and wanted a special bag for the book she was reading.


Noble chose this fun lime green with elephants cotton duck for the bag.

With a cheerful orange polka dot lining; it's just the right size!

A little bit of decorative stitching!

Noble modeling the bag, and declaring it perfect.

Noble, the college senior, all ready to go to school.
I enjoy creating! What have you made or done recently that's felt creatively joyful?