Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Virtual Friends

The worst part of losing my blog list is that I felt like I had lost a whole lot of friends. I live in a tiny, rural town where the majority of people have lived all their lives. They are surrounded by extended family too. so it's difficult to break into groups, or circles of friends. I have many acquaintances here but only one person who has visited me in my home and I in hers.

My blog friends, however virtual they may be, are my favorites. They share what they're doing, what they're making, what they're thinking and such. I enjoy their senses of humor, sharing their pain, praying for them, and getting to know them. Every day I'd make the rounds of all my friends to see what's new and say hello. I do my best to leave a comment even if it's just "Thanks for sharing," or "Keep up the good work." I want to let my friends know I'm reading and appreciate the time and effort they take to share.

Now that I've gone through the hassle of unexpectedly losing my friends I'm going to keep a list on paper of all the blogs that I can remember and any new ones I find so if this happens again I'll be able to restore my list easily.

Please! If you're reading this and have your own blog, or know of one you'd like to share with me, leave a comment. I'd love to include you or a friend of yours in my circle of friends. It is my hope that someday I'll get to meet in person all my lovely blog friends!