Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year! cough cough

I lasted until New Year's Eve before succumbing to a horrible cold? virus? respiratory infection? What ever it is it put me down in bed for a couple of days. I'm still sick, but recovering. And as long as I keep warm I do okay, but getting cold brings on the coughs. Oh well. Opposition in all things.

TopDad and I talked about resolutions today. I'm not making any. I'm setting one goal. The goal is to get rid of the piles in our home. Piles of excess everything. I feel like my house is too small, but the truth is I have too much stuff! Hence the goal to get rid of it. I can use it up, trash it, sell it, or donate it, but it must be gotten rid of. No more piles, boxes, bags, overstuffed cupboards and closets, no more useful articles languishing unused and hidden away.

I'm praying for emotional strength, because I'm a keeper, not a tosser, and it will take divine help to overcome my weaknesses.

As soon as I get well, that is. I'm too physically weak to begin just yet. But watch out stuff, I'm getting my game plan together and you won't be safe around me.

Hope you all had lovely holidays. See you real soon.