Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Idea

JET came over for Easter and we got talking about what he's doing to look so good. He said he's lost 19 pounds since Christmas and the only thing he's done differently is when he feels hungry and it's not mealtime he drinks a 20 oz. bottle of water. I think I can learn from him!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother Nature is going through Menopause

Saturday we enjoyed temps in the low 80's. It was just a hot flash. We're back to cold, windy weather, including the snow that fell Sunday night (it wasn't really ooblek, but you should have heard the boys!).

Raking all the winter dead leaves from under the lilacs revealed the grape hyacinths poking their little green spears above ground. The grass is growing again, and the yard is looking green finally. Some of the trees are swelling with buds, but no leaves just yet. I'm enjoying the bird song as they flirt and fight over mates and territory.

TopDad and I talk about moving south when he retires; or becoming snowbirds and just heading south for the winter. I'm getting too old for these long, dark, cold winters. Come on Spring!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We're Having Ooblek Tonight

It looks like we're in for some interesting weather tonight. I mean, they don't even know what to call it, other than "Unknown Precipitation.

I think the King is tired of all the rain and snow and asked for something different!

Click on the screen shot to enlarge it. (I'm still learning how to do this, thanks for the help, Dandylion.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A New Name

I've been trying to come up with a name for PW that suits him when I realized that he had come up with one for me. When he bought his truck he got personalized license plates that reflect his desire to live up to the name of one of his heroes. So from henceforth PW will be known as Lt. Lehi.

Well, Lt. Lehi is currently in San Diego at Marine Corps Recruit Training, also know as Boot Camp. The first few weeks were especially rough for him because he was sick with severe bronchitis and wanting to quit, which I knew was just the sickness talking because Lt. Lehi is not a quitter. Anyway, he's slowly gotten better, is totally motivated again and doing well.

With this week's letter he sent a poem he'd written. He loves writing poetry and has gotten better at it over the years.

The Brothers Gone . . .
Still pictures floating through mist and rain.
Silent figures march 'mid toil and pain.
Click-stomp, click-stomp, glazed boots on sunburned tar.
Click-stomp, click-stomp, training for a war afar.

Still pictures floating through fog and rain.
Silent faces form a solemn, nameless chain.
Left-right, left-right, onward toward the thunder sound.
Left-right, left-right, blinding lightening strikes the ground.

Still pictures floating through smoke and rain.
Silent marble memories on a serene plain.
Click-pow, click-pow, twenty-one for the brothers gone.
Click-pow, click-pow, no longer among us, their memory lives on.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Giveaway Link

Quinn over at Reformation Acres is hosting a giveaway of a Lodge 5 quart Dutch Oven. Mosey on over to take a look, she has wonderful website, and enter for a chance to win this fabulous piece of kitchen equipment.