Saturday, April 12, 2014

A New Name

I've been trying to come up with a name for PW that suits him when I realized that he had come up with one for me. When he bought his truck he got personalized license plates that reflect his desire to live up to the name of one of his heroes. So from henceforth PW will be known as Lt. Lehi.

Well, Lt. Lehi is currently in San Diego at Marine Corps Recruit Training, also know as Boot Camp. The first few weeks were especially rough for him because he was sick with severe bronchitis and wanting to quit, which I knew was just the sickness talking because Lt. Lehi is not a quitter. Anyway, he's slowly gotten better, is totally motivated again and doing well.

With this week's letter he sent a poem he'd written. He loves writing poetry and has gotten better at it over the years.

The Brothers Gone . . .
Still pictures floating through mist and rain.
Silent figures march 'mid toil and pain.
Click-stomp, click-stomp, glazed boots on sunburned tar.
Click-stomp, click-stomp, training for a war afar.

Still pictures floating through fog and rain.
Silent faces form a solemn, nameless chain.
Left-right, left-right, onward toward the thunder sound.
Left-right, left-right, blinding lightening strikes the ground.

Still pictures floating through smoke and rain.
Silent marble memories on a serene plain.
Click-pow, click-pow, twenty-one for the brothers gone.
Click-pow, click-pow, no longer among us, their memory lives on.

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