Friday, December 12, 2014

My Hero

Meet my hero, TopDad. He's the guy who gets up every morning to go slay dragons and bring home the bacon; every weekday, without complaint. This year he has had one particularly challenging class of ungrateful pukes students making life difficult. I so admire him for his faithful diligence to fulfill his responsibility to provide for and protect me and our family. Dad makes the living, Mom makes the living worthwhile.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Count Your Blessings - Final Post

For the last weeks of November I was thinking of all the women who have influenced my life. I came up with quite a list.

Enid W. - My mother who taught me by example to love homemaking and babies
Grandma Fern - My Dad's mother who taught me to love Relief Society
Nana Rose - My Mom's mother who, by her example, showed me faith and commitment; she had fifteen children!
Dorothy B - My older sister who has pioneered and blazed the trail ahead of me and has taught me much about forgiveness
Dorothy F - Who mentored me early on and taught me about being organized in a leadership calling
Margie W - A kindred spirit whose friendship, optimism and humor bless my life
Mary W - A new found kindred spirit and friend who is teaching me more about leadership
Norma D - Her beauty filled home inspired me to keep striving
Joy C - Her loving nature and deep spirituality was a much needed balm to my soul
Susan R - Her generosity, acceptance and love of reading helped me stretch my mind
Mary K - My junior high school choir teacher, encountered again in later life, showed me that we're never too old to develop new talents; when her singing voice gave out she took up painting.
Cindy T - Her example of graciousness is a constant guide
Joyce L - Taught me a lot about the glories of God's creations while we were camping
Carol O - Taught me about treasure hunting at thrift stores
Jana H - A long time friend whose optimism, hope and faith are a shining example to me
Rilla J - Her level of physical fitness in her 80's puts mine to shame
Jane R - Another dear church sister, departed now, who taught me about being a true friend
Noble T - My favorite daughter! Who has taught me to love all things Korean

Who has influenced your life?