Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Count Your Blessings - Final Post

For the last weeks of November I was thinking of all the women who have influenced my life. I came up with quite a list.

Enid W. - My mother who taught me by example to love homemaking and babies
Grandma Fern - My Dad's mother who taught me to love Relief Society
Nana Rose - My Mom's mother who, by her example, showed me faith and commitment; she had fifteen children!
Dorothy B - My older sister who has pioneered and blazed the trail ahead of me and has taught me much about forgiveness
Dorothy F - Who mentored me early on and taught me about being organized in a leadership calling
Margie W - A kindred spirit whose friendship, optimism and humor bless my life
Mary W - A new found kindred spirit and friend who is teaching me more about leadership
Norma D - Her beauty filled home inspired me to keep striving
Joy C - Her loving nature and deep spirituality was a much needed balm to my soul
Susan R - Her generosity, acceptance and love of reading helped me stretch my mind
Mary K - My junior high school choir teacher, encountered again in later life, showed me that we're never too old to develop new talents; when her singing voice gave out she took up painting.
Cindy T - Her example of graciousness is a constant guide
Joyce L - Taught me a lot about the glories of God's creations while we were camping
Carol O - Taught me about treasure hunting at thrift stores
Jana H - A long time friend whose optimism, hope and faith are a shining example to me
Rilla J - Her level of physical fitness in her 80's puts mine to shame
Jane R - Another dear church sister, departed now, who taught me about being a true friend
Noble T - My favorite daughter! Who has taught me to love all things Korean

Who has influenced your life?

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