Friday, June 19, 2015

Ta Da!! The (almost) Complete Living Room

My living room is (almost) completely redecorated. All that remains is hanging a few things on the walls, and bringing over from the other house four bookcases and the books. I am so happy with the colors, the remade drapes, the matching lamps, the clean floor! I am of the "Use what you have" school of Interior Decorating so I reused almost everything and retrieved from storage other things. I was blessed to find some really good deals for the new (to us) pieces.

This is the corner where the color changes. Note the new recliner for TopDad, purchased at a yard sale for $50. Also a new lamp, one of a pair purchased through Craig's list for $25 for both.

I took the existing drapes, unpicked all the pleats and reused them with rings (clips) for a more casual, cottage look. The ceramic piece on the table was made by Dandylion in his art class. Don't the matching lamps look great!! Our three adult children are on top of the piano awaiting a portrait of Mr. Movie.


I am so pleased with the way it all turned out. I love color, none of that neutral stuff for me. This room glows with glorious light.

The entry way, waiting for installation of the new steel door, and new light switches and cover plate. Just a few little details. 

Entry way

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More Highlights from Korea

Let's start with King Sejong, often called the DaVinci of the East for his many interests and achievements, including the invention of the Korean alphabet, called Hangul. 

Can you guess where we're going?

And here it is!

The temple itself was closed for routine maintenance, so we enjoyed the grounds which are lovely.

I call this the Dr. Suess tree!

Of course I have to have a picture with the lilacs!

 And look who we saw in Seoul:

Elder Law and Elder Ney with PFCMom

Monday, June 8, 2015

Beauty and a Sneak Peak

Peonies from my garden.
Up close and lovely

The promised sneak peak at the colors of my living room:

I absolutely LOVE the colors; the sun seems to be shining all the time! I feel happy just looking at it.
I am painting the floor a color called Gentle Fawn, a lovely light brown color, as a temporary measure until we save up for new carpet (or hardwood if we decide to stay here). As you can see, the floor had already been painted a dark brown on one side and a bird's egg blue color on the other (I think someone was just using up paint). Pulling up the carpet aggravated my asthma, but after a week I'm doing fine. So annoying! And one of the reasons I HATE carpet--it harbors all sorts of beasties and their excrement.