Monday, June 8, 2015

Beauty and a Sneak Peak

Peonies from my garden.
Up close and lovely

The promised sneak peak at the colors of my living room:

I absolutely LOVE the colors; the sun seems to be shining all the time! I feel happy just looking at it.
I am painting the floor a color called Gentle Fawn, a lovely light brown color, as a temporary measure until we save up for new carpet (or hardwood if we decide to stay here). As you can see, the floor had already been painted a dark brown on one side and a bird's egg blue color on the other (I think someone was just using up paint). Pulling up the carpet aggravated my asthma, but after a week I'm doing fine. So annoying! And one of the reasons I HATE carpet--it harbors all sorts of beasties and their excrement.

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  1. I love the peonies, and your curtains, and your new wall color. :)