Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Another One Bites the Dust (so to speak)

I was awakened at about 3:45 AM by a strange sound that took me a moment to process. I looked out the window and could tell that a tree had fallen. And by the position of the tree I figured it was the one that we planned on taking out anyway. I think the leaves weighted with moisture from the falling rain proved too much for the hollow trunk to sustain.

View from front porch. Thank you God for your tender mercy in sparing our utility trailer.

View from the center of the front yard.

A closer view of the fallen behemoth.

Looking up the driveway toward the house.

Yep, that's a hollow trunk.

A closer view of the hollow trunk.
We are so grateful it didn't hit anything! There is another section of the tree that needs to come down and will be part of our tree-felling work party on Monday of the Family Reunion coming up.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Graduation Time

My father graduated last night from this mortal boarding school we call earth and returned home to heaven. No doubt as he passed from this life to the next he was greeted by his beloved wife, Enid, a daughter, Emily, as well as his parents, grandparents, and a host of others who loved him and whom he loved.

He was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ his whole life and believed whole-heartedly in a life after this one.

Congrats Dad on a life well lived!

Three generations: Noble, PFCMom and Grandpa Warren (2014)