Monday, January 28, 2013

Downsizing, Minimizing, De-Cluttering, De-Junking, etc.

So far this month I've gotten rid of 145 things. Actually it's more than that, but I didn't list every single piece of paper, and I didn't list every pair of socks and each t-shirt I cut up for rags. But I feel good about getting rid of those things, and without looking at the list, I can't even remember what they all were. That's how excess they were.

Of course, there are still a million (not much of an exaggeration) to go. And this exercise is like peeling a huge onion, finishing a layer simply reveals another. However, having been through my sister's and then my mother's death, I'm determined not to leave my children a mess to go through. I can just hear the laughs and sighs and the complete bewilderment: "Why did she save this?"

I'll just press forward and make weekly trips to the thrift store to donate all the usable stuff for someone else to buy and enjoy. I'm tired of feeling confined by my clutter. I truly want to feel free and light. It's not easy to overcome "keeper" habits. If you know of any good sites that encourage and applaud, please share them.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wait, is it January already?

I'm still alive. I wish I had one of those devices that Hermione had in one of the Harry Potter movies that allowed her to be in two places at the same time or whatever.

In October I was asked to serve as the President of our church's womens organization, the Relief Society. Those who know what that means know why I haven't been blogging lately.

News: Topdad is having some procedures to ease the pain of his arthritic knees, hoping to put off have total knee replacements for a while longer. School is going well and he is happy with his classes. Noble is in Texas for her tech school before heading for Korea. PW finished his first semester at school in Utah, is now working fulltime and transferring to BYU-Idaho in the spring. JET has joined the USMC and will be leaving for Basic Training in March. We weren't planning on any vacations this summer, but how can we pass up an opportunity to attend a Marine Corps event! Dr. Hair and Dandylion have been sick; Dandy the worst of all. When all my home remedies failed to get him better we took him in and he is getting well on some antibiotics.

Nothing much new on the homemaking front; I'm participating in a decluttering challenge over at Nourishing Minimalism, 2,013 in 2013. It is helping to focus on taking action instead of procrastinating removal of "thing, stuff and junk" from the house and my life.

My frugality these days consists of being mindful of preparing food and using it up, not wasting it. Someday I'll share some ideas.

One thing I wanted to share but can't do more photos yet is the great fabric gift bags I made for Christmas. I'm never going to use paper again. We loved them!

I take just enough time to read my favorite blogs and some news online, answer my emails and that's about it these days. Things in Relief Society are settling into a routine so my hopes are high that I'll be able to get back to blogging regularly, but who knows. Thanks for reading!