Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life Update

Noble in a new outfit going on a date!

Getting ready for Mother's Day portrait

Didn't the photographer see the BIG GREEN THING!
l-r Mr. Movie, PFCMom, Noble, Dandylion (who thinks his smirk is a smile)

That's a little better.

Never too old to cuddle with Mom

Dad asked us to make an angry face -- I look just like my older brother! Good grief.

I finally got my plates up.

I think it really makes the room complete.

Mr. Movie demolishing the cinder block planter box.

The board is to protect the window from flying debris.

He diligently cleaned it all up and hauled it all away.

Now we can actually see the plants and flowers!

That furry thing is Noble's cat "Calico" doing her balance beam routine.
Still a little bit of clean up to do and adding the mulch to make it complete.
But I really like it a whole lot better.