Monday, May 28, 2012

De-Cluttering Decisions

Now that school is out we are pressing forward with "The Next Big Project" which is to move to the house next door. My parents bought the house in January as a rental investment property and we were supposed to get it ready to rent. As we worked on it we thought it would be a good house for us, especially since it is that much farther away from the "neighbors from hell" on the other side of us. In March we sent a proposal to my parents with two options -- renting from them and buying the house outright from them. They discussed it thoroughly and made their decision. While I was with my Dad after my Mom's funeral he told me their decision was to give us the house as an early inheritance. The legal details will be taken care of later in the summer, but for now we can proceed to prepare the house for us to move into.

Preparation consists of finishing the bathroom remodel (the little old lady had a step-in tub which we took out and putting in a regular tub), cleaning and PAINTING! Finally, after sixteen years I'll have a home that reflects my taste in colors and decor! That hasn't happened since we lived in Mount Vernon, Washington. (Except for a beautiful paint job in the dining room, hallway, and bathroom by my big sister in Midvale; love you D!)

Anyway, part of this move will be a thorough decluttering. Since I know what my "new" house looks like and how much storage there is I can be picky about what I move over there. And if it doesn't fit, it's gone!  (Stop by our HUGE yard sale on June 9.) Our home population has gotten smaller also, the oldest three are gone, pretty much permanently, so for instance, I don't have to keep so much bedding on hand. (Which is what I moved today.)

Beginning tomorrow I'll post some pictures to show our progress.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catch Up Time - In Pictures

April 22 we had a Korean Meal to celebrate Noble's selection for the six-week immersion program in Korea. We enjoyed Noodle Bowls (Spicy Beef, Spicy Chicken and Spicy Kimchi) with steamed vegetables to put on top. Everyone ate with chopsticks! (Saranghae, Miyoonah!)



Dandylion & Dr. Hair

I participated in an Apron Swap at the blog Down To Earth by making these two aprons and sending them to gals in Australia:

From them in return I received these two lovely aprons!
Thank you Fay!

Thank you Jacqui!
While with my Father in San Diego I had a three generation photo taken:
PFCMom - Grandpa W - Noble
Here's my traditional Mother's Day photo for 2012:
Back: Dandylion and Dr. Hair
Front: PW, PFCMom and JET

PW's been making faces since he was born!
Lastly, I had the frugal thought today to label important cords so I know what appliance it goes to; seems every time we move we gather up a bunch of electronics cords and no one knows what piece of equipment it goes to, so we discard it, only to find later that something is missing its cord. Solution? Label the darn things!

And that's about it. Noble is giddy with excitement about her departure Saturday, May 26 for her adventure in Korea; PW works long hours at two jobs, saving money for college this fall; JET is busy working for his college's TV studio and a contract project to promote tourism in Western Iowa, as well as his regular job as a lot porter at a Chevy Dealership; Dr. Hair is currently in San Antonio with his High School Band; Dandylion is home enjoying summer and helping us around the house. TopDad and PFCMom are working together on projects at home and enjoying some couple time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Graduation

I received word at 9:00 AM that my mother passed away this morning. She was a few weeks shy of her 84th birthday. I'm so grateful to have had her this long. She was just 41 when her own mother died. On my other blog "Plain and Precious Things" I share a talk I gave in church on Easter which expresses my testimony of the Resurrection.

My son, PW, and I talked about mourning on our walk, and agreed that we grieve because we are lonely, left behind by the one who has graduated from boarding school and gone home. I have no doubt that the person who leaves is happy, greeted by loved ones and feeling light and free from pain.

I love my mother and wish I could have said goodbye.