Monday, January 17, 2011

Choice and Accountability

I just finished reading an article on Yahoo about the successes of people blogging about their weight loss.  I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight, get fit, and be healthy for a long time.  I've tried partnering with my sister, that lasted about a week; journaling in a notebook, that turned into a Whine fest; and just ignoring the problems hoping they'd go away, they didn't.  So spurred on by the successes of others I believe I can do this.  I like to write and I need someplace to be accountable for my choices in eating and exercising, so here it is: the official blog of Rozylass, The Happy Homemaker.  I chose the title because when my daughter was showing me how to blog I explained that this probably would evolve and I wanted a title to be more inclusive of the things I'm passionate about in the world of homemaking. 

Another decision was a stroke of inspiration.  When I reach my first goal of taking off ten pounds and then keeping it off for two full weeks I want my reward to be a digital camera so I can document and share my progress, meals, clothes and other interesting things from my life.

This will also be an exploration of how to eat sensibly when you're a menopausal woman in a home with three teenage boys, as well as a husband who eats like he is a teenager.  (I find myself trying to keep up with them! Not a good thing.)

So, many thanks to Noble, my wonderfully computer literate daughter, for helping me get started on this blogging adventure.  And many thanks to any readers!

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