Monday, October 7, 2013

A Different Kind of First Lady

I'd like to see a different kind of First Lady in the White House. 

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see a woman with a large family who practiced the principles of Provident Living. I'd like to see a wife and mother who lives within her means and shows an example of frugality with taxpayers money while in the People's House. I'd like to see a woman who teaches by word and example that the United States of America is a great nation with an eternal destiny to stand as a shining city on a hill. I'd like her to teach that knowing the Constitution and history of our founding is some of the most important knowledge you'll ever learn. I'd like her to be an example of graciousness and kindness, serving others in quiet ways without fanfare or media press conferences. I'd enjoy a woman who teaches virtue and morality, who explains the need for strong families in order to have a strong nation. It would be totally refreshing to have a First Lady who is more interested in what she can do for her country than in what she can get out of her country. I'd like a First Lady to promote Liberty and Individual Responsibility.

I'm rather tired of the First Nanny/Queen who currently occupies the White House.  

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  1. Hi Rozy! I love your blog!

    Good job on the weight loss. And that is hilarious what you said to Noble.
    I still haven't made the homemade bread because I just started a new curriculum with the kids. It is an amazing curriculum from LDL (Latter-Day Learning) out of American Heritage in American Fort Utah. The schools roots come from H. Verlan Anderson, whom I have come to love. He is the first General Authority that President Benson put in and has written several books and started up a private public school. Anyway, I can't wait to try the bread recipes you sent and I am inspired by your food ideas here on your blog.

    I'm glad you are in your home before the snow flies. Is this the home where you have the tough neighbors?