Tuesday, October 7, 2014

End of Summer Beauty

I captured my gorgeous geranium bloom knowing that they won't survive the winter here. In San Diego, where I grew up, they are perennials growing into huge bushes; here they are annuals.

My tiny flower bed
The three Geraniums were the Mother's Day gift from the past three years, carefully nurtured inside; the Marigold was a gift from Lt. Lehi in 2012, also nurtured inside, and the tiny Sweet William at the left was transplanted from a shady spot where it grew but didn't bloom. When I rearranged the living room I needed to move the plants and decided to put them outside in this bed. In between the Geraniums are two Purple Cone Flower plants, perennials which are the beginnings of what I want this bed to be, a perennial garden. I removed all the rocks and the overgrown Sedum that was there, planted the flowers and have enjoyed the blooms all summer. More rocks to remove (at the right) and then more plants to go in, but that will have to wait for next year. 

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