Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Music, Pianos and Gifts

Count Your Blessings - Day 5

Music has been part of my life since I was a little girl. I began taking piano lessons when I was eight, quit when I was about sixteen (my only regret is that I didn't have better teachers); took up the guitar for a while and then at age fifty took four months of violin lessons (before my world fell apart and I had to give that up). During fourth, fifth and sixth grades my parents bought me tickets to the San Diego Symphony Young People's Concerts, so four times each year I'd board the school bus and go downtown to the Civic Theater to hear wonderful music and learn about the symphony. I loved it! As a teen I even got to perform in a choir on that same stage. In Junior and Senior High School I was in Girl's Glee, Concert Choir and Girl's Ensemble (the top singers). I sang my first solo in church at age eight and during my teens and twenties I sang a lot at church and weddings. My father introduced us to many genres of music including gospel, cowboy, Brazilian, Jamaican, Scottish, Broadway, popular, Big Band, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Music speaks to my soul; I get teary when I hear beautiful music.

When TopDad and I got married we used the cash money gifts to purchase a used piano and had that from 1988 until 2003 when we purchased this piano:

We bought it as an incentive for our children to practice their music. It worked for about three months. But I had no regrets because 1) it was a beautiful piece of furniture and 2) it made my playing sound better! While we lived in Provo a friend completed her Master's Degree in piano and asked if she could give a practice recital in our home. Oh yeah! I put on a dinner party and had the recital for dessert, followed by cookies. It was magnificent!

Alas, when moving to Iowa I had to sell my beloved piano. I cried for days, but was comforted that it went to a good home and was the answer to someone's prayers.

Last month a good friend here called to ask if I would like her piano. She has come to a point where she needs a different piano with consistent touch so she can progress to the next level in her quest to achieve mastery. She knew the story of my piano and felt impressed to give hers to me. No cost, just a gift. WOW! She'd had it for fifty years. It was not new when her parents bought it for her, but her father refinished it and some years ago she replaced all the key tops as the ivory was broken and missing on many keys. She told me that it played fine and would be good for personal enjoyment and family home evenings, which she knew is about all my playing is good for. We picked it up on Halloween, and a better treat I couldn't have asked for.

1890 something Piano with stool

A place to decorate - It will be great for my Nativity Set

Detail of foot of the stool
I'm so thankful for music, and pianos, and gifts from loving and generous friends.

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