Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kitchen Frugality

The picture below is the left side of my sink; hiding in plain sight are four of my frugal practices, Can you spot them?

PFCMom's Kitchen 
 So here are the four frugal things:

#1 - I wash out and reuse glass jars - this one held salsa.

#2 - I buy milk in the thicker, white jugs, which I then wash out and fill with water for "flush" water storage. It takes two of these to flush a toilet in an emergency. 

#3 - We have a little swinging towel holder that I use for drying plastic bags. Works great!

#4 - TopDad installed a shelf above the sink where we keep plastic drinking glasses labeled with our names (in Cranberry nail polish) so we can get a drink of water without using tons of glasses each day. I wash the glasses about once a week. (No one has ever gotten sick from those glasses.)

Four simple tricks (or in contemporary parlance hacks) to save money by reusing something. I've been doing these for so long that I forget that not everyone does the same. 


  1. Love the idea for drying your zip lock bags--I'm always looking around my kitchen for someplace to hang a clean, wet bag!