Saturday, April 25, 2015

Continuing in Japan

Tokyo is the largest city I've ever been in (until I went to Seoul, which has a million more people!) so I looked out from the observation deck in total amazement and bewilderment. The past five years of living in a town of 2,100 people has shrunk my perspective. Tokyo is just mind-bogglingly huge, largely flat and goes on for miles!

While we visited, the weather was chilly, including a day of rain. I was glad I had my Pashmina and a flannel lined coat with a hood. Noble braved the cold the first day then borrowed warmer wraps the next days.

This gate marks a traditional shopping area in the downtown area (although how can you tell what is downtown when it is all urban?). We enjoyed looking at all the trinkets and souvenirs for sale. I bought some postcards to send to loved ones, and some magnets to add to the collection on my fridge.

At the other end of the market street is a huge Buddhist Temple. The woman in the bright green coat is our hostess, and the girl in jeans next to her is our former exchange student.

Before entering the Temple we purified ourselves, first with smoke, then with water.

If I remember correctly, this dragon is outside the temple. Unfortunately, we arrived just as the temple was closing for the day, so Noble didn't snap any pictures of the interior. We tossed our coins in the collection and took a quick look around the room before exiting.

The Johnny-Jump-Ups were so pretty! Here we're waiting for a water taxi for a ride up the river.

Moored to the opposite bank of the river was this old style boat. It was sure relaxing to sit in the warm cabin of the water taxi after so much walking in the cold.

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