Monday, November 30, 2015

End of Month

Many bloggers are sharing their Christmas gift creations and I wish I could join the crowd. However, those I'm making gifts for read my blog and I want some things to be a surprise on Christmas day. How about I share all my creations after Christmas? Perhaps it will give you some ideas to work on for next year. Or for birthdays, or weddings, or something.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with three of our children home. We had invited a family from church but weather prevented them from coming to our house so after we ate dinner, TopDad and I packed up food and took it to them. We had a nice visit in their home.  (No photos, I'm so lame!)

Today is a "snow day", hence no school. I am attempting to clear off my desk. Why is paperwork my bugaboo? I have mail, lists, notes, letters, quotes, catalogs, books, charts, and who knows what else, cluttering my desk. I've read many, MANY books on decluttering, handling paperwork, home offices, etc. But I still haven't found a system to accommodate my needs and wants. I will persevere though and keep trying. We fail only when we give up and quit.

May I say that I really appreciate the many bloggers who open up their hearts and homes online. I feel like I have some very special friends. I'd love to get together with all of you. I also appreciate my readers and would love for you to leave a comment or two, even if it's just Hello! I hope my efforts, however lame and pathetic, brighten your day.

God bless all of you!!

The prettiest pear!

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