Friday, December 9, 2016

Something Practical from PFCMom

I have some ground beef waiting to be repackaged from a ten pound tube into more manageable portions so I took a peek into the freezer to see what kind of room I had and was reminded that defrosting was long overdue. So I set about to get it done.

It is an easy, and quick job if you know the trick my mother taught me. I'll share so you can know too.


BEFORE - See how the frost is over an inch thick, YIKES!

I emptied the freezer after setting two pots of water on to boil.

When the water was at a good rolling boil . . .

I set the pan in the bottom of the freezer and closed the lid. After about 10 minutes I removed the first pan and put the larger pan in, and closed the lid.

After just twenty minutes of steam all the frost slides off with a plastic spatula.

Using gloves and a dishpan I gathered up all the frosty ice.

Then I wiped down the sides and sopped up the water, wringing it into the dishpan. Dry with a fresh towel.
After just 35 minutes work the freezer is ready to be restocked.

With some reusable shopping bags, and some brown paper bags (doubled and folded over twice) I sorted food and repacked the freezer so like items are together and easy to lift out to get to a bottom layer.
After 45 minutes of work it is done and I'm ready to move on.
Thanks mom for teaching me the fastest way to defrost and clean a freezer!

BONUS: How to clean pots (and other things) with hard water mineral residue.

When you have a pan (or a glass dish) that looks like this . . . don't scrub and scratch!

Use VINEGAR (either kind works) A couple of tablespoonfuls and a green (or white) scrubby rubbed gently and all the gunk is gone!

See? Gleaming and clean.

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  1. I never had a freezer (other than than the kind that is part of a refrigerator) but this tip on cleaning one is good! I hope I can help my mother-in-law clean hers sometime when I visit.