Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday: Miracle and Mess

I love birds! I've always wanted to hold a wild bird, but . . . how does one catch one to hold?

Last week a bird flew into a picture window and knocked itself out, temporarily. While it was stunned I went out and picked it up. It was so calm, letting me hold it and stroke it, all while speaking as reassuringly as I could. His feathers were so soft! God knows our desires and will grant them in His own time.

Downy Woodpecker

PFCMom and the Downy Woodpecker
As for messes, we knew we had a small leak in a pipe from the main second floor bathroom. Suddenly it got worse! TopDad, smart man that he is, tracked it to the wall between the second and first floors. He and Mr. Movie opened up the wall and discovered a crack in the original cast iron waste drain pipe. Oh joy. Not! Sometimes we think we should have gutted the house to the studs so we could do all the rewiring and re-plumbing needed, insulate the darn thing and then put up nice drywall. But we didn't win the lottery, and haven't stumbled upon a cache of cash in the basement or attic. So we proceed with one little (or huge) project at a time. And wouldn't you know, it was the very wall Mr. Movie had spent three hours stripping of painted over wallpaper, prepping for a new paint job. This house is going to drive me to drink!

View from the staircase side (with mess)

Would you look at that crack!

View from the foyer side

This is what my mess looks like!
The good news is that I found the couch we've been looking for: blue leather, double recliner (at a nearby thrift store). Now if I could just get the room stripped and painted! But that's not at the top of the list yet.

So, what's new in your life?


  1. Oh my and the lath and plaster walls, what a mess. We woke up to a furnace not working.

  2. I like your blue leather couch! I have one that is similar, although it needs to be recovered. Yours is in great shape!