Friday, April 1, 2011

Mirrors and Miles

Last Saturday TopDad finally hung the full-length mirror in our bedroom as well as putting a large mirror in the downstairs bathroom.  And I finally got a glimpse of my full-width self for the first time in how many months?  Let's see we left Utah on July 30, 2010, and Saturday was March 25, 2011, so almost eight months.  Holy Hannah, I'm huge!  I admit to gaining ten pounds since leaving Utah (I was supposed to be losing for lots of reasons, but that's another story) and hadn't seen myself except in photos, which were exaggerating, I thought.  Well, no I guess there was no exaggeration, just cold, hard, I mean jiggly, facts.  So my current thinking is that a full-length mirror is a dieter's best friend.  It is totally motivating for me to catch a glimpse of my huge behind; the desire for the wrong foods dissipates faster than water drops on a hot griddle.  Since the installation of the mirror I've dropped five pounds!  Way to go!

Today Noble and I walked about five miles.  The sun is shining and the skies are mostly clear and I felt like a "very long walk."  We walked to the Library to return a video that Dr. Hair (son number three) had rented, then we turned around and walked to the edge of town where Albert, the Bull proudly stands, and got onto the T-bone trail and walked out a mile and a quarter.  It's about a mile from our house to the trail head so we walked a total of about 5 miles. On the way out (south) we enjoyed the wonderful tail wind and I was feeling great, hence the longer than normal distance.  Then we turned around.  I always feel like those mimes pushing against the wind.  Very strong head wind on the way north, well duh!  We got a fantastic workout pushing ourselves home.  Actually, other than a little stiffness in the joints I feel good, EXCEPT: my feet which have hot spots (not full blown blisters) on the balls.  I have really good shoes but need some cushy-er socks and a whole lot less weight to support!  But a girl can only do so much in one day. 

In other news, I'm making cinnamon rolls today for consumption during this weekend's General Conference. It's tradition! Noble and I planned the menu and are going shopping for the ingredients tonight.  Twice a year we have special foods to coincide with the Spiritual Feast of Conference.

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