Friday, September 9, 2011

New Haircut Part 1

In ten minutes I'll be stepping up the street to get my hair cut.  I have a new IMAC computer so I can take a picture with it and post it right away, I hope.

I have a Talbots catalog from 1990 with a haircut I like, and as I looked at the catalog I realized that the clothing draws heavily from the thirties for inspiration.  With all the blogs I read about sewing and vintage clothing I'm not surprised that I saved this particular catalog as having some elegant, classic styles in it.

I believe my tastes have always run to the vintage, or historically inspired styles.  One of my favorite dresses in high school was one that Elizabeth Bennet would have liked.  Empire waist, puffed sleeves, ankle length, made of a thin cotton, if I remember correctly small floral or leaf print on a cream ground.  I loved that dress!

Time to go, be back in an hour or so.

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