Friday, September 2, 2011

I Know This Feeling, and I Don't Like It

It's been ten years since I was involved in "potty-training."  Now I'm faced with it again as Cutie Bug goes through it.  Today, I lost my patience and when JET got up I drove his car to the store to buy diapers.  I'm not going to deal with wet couches and chairs, puddles on the floor as well as wet and poopy panties.  I'm a firm believer in not even beginning "training" until a child is at least three.  Before then it is mother training, to remember to take the child to the toilet every thirty minutes.  I'm too busy for that.  When a child is about three, there is sufficient mental maturity to make the connection between bodily clues (feelings) and what to do about them.  Even at three and for a long time after, boys just are too busy playing to pay attention to their body's announcements and they suppress them until OOPS; then it's too late. But before three, it's always an OOPS.  So until Cutie Bug is three, I'm opting for diapers.

Actually when a child is ready, it takes about one day to "train" them.  I had Doc Brown and Dandylion in diapers at the same time.  Doc hadn't been very successful answering the call of nature.  But when offered the chance to go on the Father and Son Campout if he could stay dry, there was no looking back.  He stayed dry from that time on.  He was about three and a half.  Ready!

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