Monday, August 29, 2011

Charting Your Own Course - Wearing Your Own Style

Look what I found on a website while looking for wardrobe planning.  This is an Issac Mizrahi dress for Target from 2008.  I guess Noble and I are behind the times; but actually I like the one I made for her much better.
What do you think?

I've always, and I mean always, worn what I wanted without too much regard for what was in style.  After all, I'm a pale skinned, red-headed, modest dresser.  I made my own styles.  And surprisingly, many times I was ahead of the game.  What I wore one season would come in style the next year.  It was uncanny.  At other times though I was behind the curve and by the time I got something it was past its prime.  But when you're a little nobody like me, who cares?  Now in my fifties, and with a matronly (read fat) figure it is impossible to look stylish.  (See below: I look TOP heavy in that outfit when I really have a fairly even hourglass figure.)

           So Today I am Serious!

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