Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing Journal

In June, after Noble moved out, I was setting up my sewing room and had a flash of inspiration so I grabbed an old spiral notebook and began a sewing journal in which I wrote down all of the "To Do" projects as I found them while organizing the room.  Since then as I've finished a project or finished a piece of mending I've noted the date and checked it off the list.  Today I was able to, at long last, check off the T-Shirts for JET.  Remember those.  Oh my goodness.  I guess I'm kind of dense or rather a perfectionist who couldn't see the easiest solution until I'd finished two of them.  As I was serging the side seam of the third one I discovered that the easiest way to do them was to serge the side seam from the bottom up all the way to the end of the sleeve without unpicking under the arm of the sleeve.  After I followed that prompting I was able to finish the other three in less than an hour.  Thank you Lord for your tender mercies!

Completing a project is such a great feeling!  It spurs me on to complete more.  I have a deadline on the next one.  It is a patchwork quilt for a church service project.  On September 10 we are having a Day of Abundance, food of the food bank is being gathered, quilts are being made and we have a goal to fill up a truck from Salvation Army with donations.  "Because I have been given much I too must give."  Our Branch is making five quilts and I have one of them.  After I get the quilt done I will begin on my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  I'd like to have some "Me-Made" days this winter.  Then on to Christmas presents.  I think I could sew from now until I die and never run out of projects.  But that's okay, I'm never bored!   

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