Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I Am Serious

That is part of my new mantra:  "Today I am serious about being healthy, losing weight and being physically fit."  Like most others I want to exercise and diet for one day and achieve my goals.  Sort of like practicing the violin once and playing like Itzhak Perlman.  Like that's gonna happen.  So I finally got it through my aging brain that reaching my goal is going to take a whole lot of todays.  Each day that I consciously choose to exercise and eat correctly will bring me closer to my goal.  The more days I chose to be serious the faster I will reach my goal.  Therefore Today I Am Serious.

In other news:  Noble is doing great at school despite logistical challenges like not being at liberty to go off post; not having a mail box to receive mail; not having a working computer, etc.  She is, however, having the sweet experience of being liked by a guy whom she likes at the same time.  This is a new experience for her.  Learning the language is progressing; she feels ahead in some ways from all the time she spent listening to K-Pop, watching Korean Dramas, and other television shows; and learning the Korean alphabet ahead of time.

Elder PW's letter this week was more upbeat; with new people to teach and a baptism on the horizon he is encouraged and happy.

JET began school last week and likes college; he has a good job at a car dealership which he likes.  Next two steps is finding the right living situation close to school and work and then getting a new (to him) car.  He attended the Singles ward this week and was gratified to have been scoped out by all the girls as well as having two of the cutest sit by him during the meetings.  Can't get happier than that for an 18 year old boy.

Doc Brown (almost 15) and Dandylion (13) come home most days with good things to say about school.  They both like learning and enjoy the small classes and attention of the small school here.  Doc Brown is so named because of his penchant for coming up with ideas for inventions and innovations a la Back to the Future.

And there's the latest news from the Heartland.

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