Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Fledgling . . . Fledges!

Today our 6'4" hunk of an eighteen year old man moved out of the nest. JET goes to school and works in Council Bluffs, just over an hour away. He has wanted to move out since August but hadn't found just the right situation. The decision was made easier on Saturday when he slid off the road into the ditch on his way to work. When Topdad went to pick him up they drove immediately to see a house with a room for rent. Today he and I packed up the most necessary items into the family Suburban and he drove off to a new home in the big city. (We are driving a rental car until JET's car is fixed.) He'll be back tomorrow after school to get the rest. It's always nice when a child moves out under good circumstances rather than in anger or rebellion.

Time continues to race ahead us our readiness. When I think of where our family will be in five years it boggles my mind. JET should be home from a mission; Dr. Hair on a mission; Dandylion preparing for a mission. And here's an interesting tidbit for any LDS readers: In our family we have a High Priest, an Elder, a Priest, a Teacher, and a Deacon. How's that for priesthood representation!!

Christmas preparations are coming along slowly, had that major hiccough this weekend, but I think I'm back on track. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about what we do and why.

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