Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Quarter of a Century

Twenty-five years ago today, TopDad and I were married. The only thing I've done longer than that is simply live. We are in the midst of the first annual Thoelke Family Reunion. It's a tradition I've wanted to have for a long time. With three adult children I figured now was the right time to begin, then the habit will be established that each summer right around June 25 everyone will gather at Papa and Nana Thoelke's for a family reunion, which will include the Thoelke Family Golf Classic.

For our anniversary we are getting a couple of trees to plant in our yard. We did that for our 20th also. We hope we stay here longer and can actually see the trees grow up.

In other news, Noble is across the ocean and the international date line, so I now call her Future Girl. As we are getting up she is winding down her day; when we are going to bed, she is eating lunch the next day. Mind boggling, but fun.

PW is taller than TopDad, JET is still the tallest, Dr. Hair is not far behind, just a bit shorter than TopDad, with Dandylion bringing up the rear, and taller than PFCMom. I'm the shrimp now! But it is fun to be surrounded by five tall, handsome males.

Here's looking at the next 25 years and planning on even better things to come.


  1. Happy Anniversary! 25 years! Wonderful! I love the idea for your family reunions!

  2. A belated congratulations! I am just catching up on blogs...so happy your family is having a good time! Happy 4th of July while I'm at it!!

  3. Belated best wishes on your silver anniversary! You were such a storybook-lovely bride, with a dashing groom. I'm so glad you two have been blessed with wonderful children, and I love that you're establishing a family reunion tradition.