Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My two boys, Dr. Hair and Dandylion, informed me today that my bread is awesome, the best, incredible; and they want some!!

Remember, I don't have an oven in this house, it is over in the other house. Totally inconvenient. So I promised them that as soon as we are moved into the other house I will bake bread: whole wheat bread, white bread, muffins, pita bread, granola bars, cookies, cakes and other delights. They both hugged me, in fact Dandylion hugged first and Dr. Hair said "Hey, I want a hug too." Dandy asked him "Are you hungry? Come on, Mom Sandwich!" I got squeezed between the two of them. Do you know how strange it feels to have your "little" boys, the babies of the family, taller than Mom and able to squeeze the stuffing out of her? Oh my goodness! I love them both.

Dr. Hair, realizing that TopDad was gone for the day offered to make macaroni and cheese for lunch (Dad HATES that particular dish). It was delicious! And Dandy heartily thanked me for spoiling them with homemade macaroni and cheese, which at one time we called Pasta y Queso to make it sound exotic.

The weather has warmed up enough to feel more like summer, very late summer, but summer. We've had a dribble of rain when we need lots, still I won't complain, we've been so blessed this year.

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  1. How I love the rain as well! And I would love your secret to good homemade bread. I have taken a stab at bread a couple of times, but cannot make anything better than bread that is only good while it is warm.

    Why are you moving? I think I must have missed that post.

    What a great experience for Noble!

    My little ones are still several inches shorter than me, but I can see in the not too distant future sons taller than me.