Saturday, July 27, 2013

Last Night I went to sleep in July and woke up in September!

At least that's how the weather feels. I shivered all night and woke up to chilly (relatively speaking) temperatures. It got down to 55 degrees, which after nights of 75 degrees feels cold. Tonight the low is forecast as 47! What happened? It feels like I should get out the flannel sheets and winter jammies.

However, I won't, yet. Because no matter when I get them out we have another heat wave and I regret getting them out so early (even if it's the end of October!).

Honestly, we love this kind of weather and are so grateful for the break in the heat. Rain is in the forecast for next week and we are looking forward to that; I believe I've said before that I love rain!

The boys got home from their High Adventure looking tan and Taller! They grow like weeds. Turn your back and whoops there's another couple of inches.

Noble Skyped this morning (midnight for her) so she could give me a tour of her room and then open birthday presents with me "present". It was delightful. And she liked everything I had sent. Another box is on the way so she'll get a couple more things next week.

JET called today with his birthday wish list. So now I have something to work towards. He'll be 20! Where has the time gone?

School begins in less than three weeks. Yikes! Must keep focused and finish the summer projects.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

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