Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday's Motivation

If you haven't read any of Ralph Moody's autobiographical novels you are really missing out. He begins his story in "Father and I Were Ranchers", with the family moving to Colorado for his father's health. Ralph is about eight. The story ends in book eight, "A Horse of A Different Color" with him about 21, a successful entrepreneur heading east to marry his girl. In between are some of the best stories of life in America from 1908 to the early 20's you can find. I read all of them to our boys when they were young, and still use Ralph as an example of a hard-working, self-disciplined young man.

Besides loving Ralph, I really love his mother. Widowed young with five children and another on the way she worked tirelessly to keep her family together, impart strong values to them and give them a good start in life. No doubt she had flaws, but seen through the eyes of her son Ralph, she seems pretty angelic, and wise.

After moving back to the Boston area, she began a fine laundry service to earn a living. While dividing up the jobs with the other children, eleven year old Muriel began to cry, not having been given a job. Here is what happened:
Mother took Muriel in her arms, hugged her up close, and said, "There, there girlie, don't cry. You see, if things go as we hope they will, Gracie and I will be busy from morning till night, and you will be the housekeeper who makes a home for us all. You know, dear, there is no woman in the world who has a more important task than making a home for those she loves.
Wise words, Mary Emma!

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