Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Immutable Law of Gravity

Today is the one month mark so it's time for weigh in and measurements:
Weight - 175 (-3)
Neck - 14" (-1)
Bust - 40" (-1)
Waist - 34" (-1) (I stood up straight!)
Abdomen - 44" (no change)
Hips - 44 1/4" (+3/4)
Thigh - 25" (+1/4)
Calf - 15 3/4" (+1/4)
Ankle - 9" (no change)
Bicep - 13" (-1/4)
Wrist - 6 1/2" (-1/4)

As you can see the changes are mostly due to gravity.  Everything is moving down!!!  And the weight loss is simply water.  I was out and about yesterday and forgot a bottle of water so I am slightly dehydrated.  But truthful, always truthful. 

I didn't get any chocolates (or flowers or cards) for Valentines Day, unless you count the half of a Milky Way bar I shared with Noble while we were out shopping.  I fixed a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner, the top crust covered in little hearts cut from the leftover crust.  It looked really nice and tasted yummy. I used a red damask tablecloth and white linen napkins edged in red; made cranberry juice (from frozen concentrate) and served it is stemware, then we had ice cream with fresh strawberries for dessert.  Also at everyone's place I put a small box of conversation hearts.  And that was our Valentines Day. (My husband has never been big on holidays so I just do my thing and enjoy it with the children.)

So, back to gravity.  To counteract its effect I must strengthen my core muscles and remember what I learned a long time ago from a book called "Set For Life."  The author said "Remember, muscle curves, fat hangs."  And that just about describes me.  All hang.  As soon as the snow is gone I can begin to work in the yard again, which builds muscles; and I can walk, which tightens my tummy and butt better than anything I've tried.  Well, better in a natural and painless way.  I am not into pain, or sweat for that matter.  I've always felt that if I'm sweating I'm either working too hard, or it's too hot, or both.

I set a goal to change my breakfasts--Well, I took smaller portions, does that count?  Still trying to get organized.  Actually I'm very organized, after the sun comes up, it's this getting up in the middle of the night (anytime before the sun is up) that is difficult for me.  But hope, and spring, is on the way.  The days are lengthening and it won't be long before I can be awakened by the sun rather than my alarm.  I'll keep plugging away.  And I'm truly grateful I don't have cows to milk at 4:30 AM.

One last thing; I got a lovely letter from my missionary son in Argentina.  PAYDAY!  He said he'd trade his new hat for a mother's hug!  All the long hours of teaching and training and patience are paying big dividends.  I love being a mother

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