Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three steps forward and two steps back, Wanna Dance?

Last week we had some great weather here in Southwest Iowa.  Noble and I went walking twice and I even got my husband out once.  I ate great for two days, then went back to the "see-food" diet, you know, see food, eat it.  How are others consistent?  I'm constantly battling SAD, that pesky winter-time disorder of wanting to hibernate until spring.  When the weather is good, which means the sun is shining and the temps are about forty, I feel better and can stay on task.  When the sun hides behind a thick layer of clouds and the temps hover around freezing I just want to crawl back into bed (I have to get up to get breakfast for my family and see all the males off to school) and not get up until it's lighter and warmer.  Also this past week I've been malingering and blue because of some situations at church.  This is definitely a different kind of congregation.  But that is another blog.  So back to the problem of consistency.  I admit: I'm weak willed when it comes to changing my habits.  I did much better when I was single and living alone.  I didn't have anything in my house that I didn't want to eat.  I ate in more of a vegetarian style, and I walked everyday (living in So. California is so convenient).  How can I adapt for Iowa, with a husband and sons who demand MEAT at every meal and the winters are icy and snowy and impossible to navigate outside on foot?

Winter is the worst time to begin a program of change!  I'm going to wait for spring and the sunshine.

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