Friday, February 24, 2012

Keep the Swimming Pool Full

Before I was pregnant with Noble I wasn't much of a water drinker; that changed when I realized that I had to "keep the swimming pool full." Since then I've become an avid water drinker, wondering how I got along without it.

Over the years I've used a couple of methods to keep track of how much water I drink: tally marks on a post-it note next to the sink, and beans moved from one side of the windowsill to the other (which worked okay until I was one bean over halfway and then I wouldn't remember which way I was going). The best method for me has been to use a container to measure.

I begin with a full gallon jug and drink until it's gone. No question as to how much. Simple, elegant; problem solved. I like my water at room temperature so I keep it on the counter. Others in the family like theirs cold so they keep a similar jug in the fridge.

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