Monday, February 6, 2012

Would You Look At That!

One hundred posts in just over a year. Who would have thought. I hope to do much better than that in the coming year. This weekend I asked TopDad what my strongest talent is and his answer was "Writing." I take that as permission, as well as encouragement, to keep going.

Blogging is enjoyable to me for two reasons; I get to write about my life, my interests, and express my opinions, and secondly I've "met" so many really interesting and knowledgeable people.

Thank you dear readers. I wish you'd leave more comments, but I understand time limitations.

So here's to another year of exploration, musing and expression.

BONUS: Just received and email with this picture -
Behold a Royal Army - Elder PW is in the back row, third from right.


  1. Actually, he's fourth from the right. Just so people don't go confusing someone else to be my handsome brother. ^-^

  2. Noble, I specified BACK ROW, there are two rows of elders, standing; technically speaking, his is the head sixth from the right, but who's counting! If I knew how to add an arrow to point him out I would.