Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Fishbowl of Politics - Glad I'm not there

The other day I read a Yahoo article about Ann Romney and tried to comment, for about an hour I tried to comment. No matter what I did I couldn't get my comment to post. So here it is, in response to all the bozo's who ranted and dissed her for saying "I don't even consider myself wealthy.":

I wouldn't trust a President who is deep in debt and had no clue about interest or investments. How could he guide the economy? A wealthy man who is not in it for the money is more likely to serve the interests of the common man, than one who is after the $500K salary. As for Mrs. Romney, I'll bet Melinda Gates would make the same comment. Wealth, like age, is relative to where you are. Remember when you were a teenager and thought that anybody over 30 was ancient? Now that you're 40 you realize how wrong you were at 16. Perhaps she doesn't feel wealthy because she doesn't think about it. She doesn't obsess over money, unlike the multitudes who think debt is a tool and that keeping up with the celebrities is what life is all about. Or perhaps because her health is precarious she doesn't feel wealthy. She did say, "It can be here today and gone tomorrow." Especially true with socialist in power wanting to redistribute wealth. The Romney's have paid more in taxes and more in charitable contributions last year than I'll ever make in my lifetime. They are generous with what they have and are not elitists, but regular folk who have been greatly blessed; and what's more they know how to AND want to use their blessings to serve this country. What are you afraid of? They are not seeking power to enslave us (unlike the current occupants of the White House), nor are they seeking publicity and celebrity. Mitt Romney believes he has the ability to turn this country's economy around and help EVERYONE have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. He's not going to hand it to us on a platter; he's going to open the way for us to work hard and keep the fruits of our labors. What's not to like? Please stop calling her names--Explain how YOUR choice would be better.


  1. I came to your blog because I saw your remarks on a Facebook page supporting Ron Paul, of whom I am an informed advocate. The remarks you made were not kind in the least, including the fact that he had done nothing in his time in office. I beg to differ! The research you used to come to that conclusion was from someone's website. If you want to know what bills and legislature he is responsible for or has written, you need to go to his page, or if you think he's biased, go to the government pages that record and make public that data. Ron Paul's major appeal to me is returning and protecting the US Constitution. He plans to do away with many government offices, such as the Department of Education and return those programs where they belong, at the state, county or cities so policy can be drafted by the people. He'll deal with removing the importance of corporate and banking conglomerates in every department of US government. He will repair the damages done over the years to our financial situation, and remove those politicians who are in the pockets of corporations and bankers. These are all in plans that he makes public. He's so dangerous to big business thriving and "the people" being absolutely no priority that the military issued a message that duty, reserve and retirees are not to participate in rallies in support of him. Should he win, the wars will end, the Constitution will be reinstated and protected, Unnecessary government departments will be dissolved, departments will receive audits to protect us...something that has NEVER been done. We, the people need to know where our finances stand, with detail to support it through audits. This information is all available for the searching. I have researched every Presidential Candidate, and made an informed decision that Ron Paul is the one candidate that restores HOPE in this country and prevents us from being a Socialist government in the VERY near future. Just felt I had to tell you how I felt, and perhaps point you in the right direction. Washington DC will have his Congressional record and Louisiana will have his record also. Trusting someone's website will not provide you a clear picture of any candidate. May God bless you and yours. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you for sharing some positive information. I really appreciate you taking time to respond.

  2. Good for you on two counts. I like your blog and your opinion (even if I didn't, it's still well written) and for your reply to Scarlett above. You could have taken a pot shot at her, but instead you published her comments, let her have her say and then said thank you. We should all take a page from your book and be more gracious. I have linked to your site from my blog, Find Your Paradigm, as I talk this week about a dear friend who is a local councilwoman and is now living in the "fishbowl of politics". That's how I found your blog. I will be back and many thanks again!