Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm So Vintage!

Last Friday night we had a Talent Night at church. For last year's event, not realizing that it is an annual show, I took a little of everything. This year I concentrated on my sewing and took a whole rack of items I've sewn through the years.

I wish I'd saved more!

One dress I'm particularly proud of and have kept for forty years was made from this pattern and I wore it in High School. 1973-1975

Bodice Detail

Fabric loop button holes

My mother taught me was that a deep hem, (see above) was a sign of a well made dress or skirt. The deep hem gives weight to the bottom and helps it to hang beautifully and not easily fly up in a wind. (She also taught me to iron, which I didn't do before showing this dress.) Anyway, I loved, still do, this dress. At the time I wore it I weighed about 110-115 lbs. at 5'7".

Here are three more examples of my sewing, these are some of Noble's that I saved.

Smocked Christmas Dress worn at age 16 months (1990)

Smocking detail

Dress worn at age 3 

Back view

My personal favorite, worn at age 5
When I visit my parents this summer I'll look for a photo of me in the polka dot dress. They have all my childhood and teen photos. Maybe it's time I got them for myself!

I'm 54 years old and it feels really strange to visit vintage patterns sites and see patterns from my life! Anyway, I wanted to share my favorite dress.


  1. Love, love, love the smocked dress! And I remember Noble wearing the last!

  2. You have a gift! I love all of the dresses!