Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dress 2012

This year's Easter Dress was an ADVENTURE!  First, I ask Noble what she wants.

This is what she sends me with the note that she loves the color and style but wants it modest. Right.

A search of patterns in my collection yields nothing so I search the web and find this one which has enough of the design lines to be similar:

I have no pink fabric, but I do have some lovely lavender crinkle cotton and decide that will have to do, it is her favorite color after all.

Then the real adventure begins. The fabric is only 36 inches wide and has some bad streaks and fade lines. But I manage to get the bodice cut out and then decide that the skirt will have to be gathered widths of the fabric. I found another pattern with sleeves that looked nice, but the sleeve cap didn't match the armhole so I had to draft a smaller version and pray that it would turn out.

Here's the finished dress with some detail shots:

Dress (color is off, see below)

Bottom ruffle

Back zipper
I put it in the mail Tuesday afternoon--Priority--and prayed that it would get to her by Friday. She got it Wednesday and texted me that it was pretty, perfect and she loved it!

Another lesson here is when looking for clothing, something that looks bad on a hanger just might need a body in it to look nice. Try things on before dismissing them. This dress looks "poor" on the hanger but looks great on Noble.  (If she'd been here I would have adjusted the sleeves to be straight across, but without the model it's hard to know how things will fit.) Not to worry, she LOVES it! And that's all that matters. Happy Easter, sweetheart.

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