Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm slowing down in my blogging; and that's probably not good in the long run. My blog is all over the place and I'm thinking I want to focus--but on what! Ah, now that is the question. What do I do the most? The honest answer to that is cooking. I make two meals each day, breakfast and dinner/supper. I eat lunch by myself and usually indulge in things no one else likes. (Like tomatoes! and rice and bean dishes!) Then I do some baking each week, bread, cookies, cakes, etc. So I could blog about my work in the kitchen. However, I really do love to sew and quilt and knit and such, and I could blog about that. But I'm not as prolific as some other much more interesting bloggers. Then there's my "expertise" as a mother; exhibits A, B and C are Noble, Elder PW and JET, my adult children; still in training are Dr. Hair and Dandylion. But maybe I just got really good spirits and it's not what I did to them or with them. Who knows? Then there's my journey of de-cluttering, which is weighing on my mind and needs to be continued. Speaking of weight, oh let's not go there after all, it's too depressing. I could review books I read, movies I watch, music I listen to. My spiritual insights are written about on my other blog, but I could write here about how I live my religion in the day to day, nitty-gritty sense.

Do you feel stretched in many directions? Maybe I'll just keep being random for a while longer. Thanks for reading. And as your reward here are some pictures of spring flowers from my garden.

I have loved these fragrant little violets since I was a young child.

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  1. TULIPS!!! My absolute all-time favorite (close runner up is the hyacinth). I wish I could grow them here...but, alas, our heat and super dry climate is not very friendly to tulips. Or hyacinths. Everything here HAS to be constantly watered...drip irrigation being the best thing here.