Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today was the monthly potluck on Fast Sunday; a true "potluck" there were six or seven pasta casseroles, a roaster of hot dogs, one quiche and one fruit pie for dessert. I think we all had the same idea--something quick, easy and filling. My poor husband didn't eat very much as he dislikes pasta. Poor him. I loved it. But I think I'm going to stick to something that is rarely there on potluck Sunday and is sorely needed. Can you guess? I'm talking about GREEN and FRESH, salad and vegetables. I think in all the year and a half I've been here in Iowa I've been the only one to bring fresh vegetables and/or salad to the potlucks. When I don't there isn't any. So in the interest of promoting health and good nutrition I'll be bringing fresh salads from now on.

By the way, my salads are either dark greens such as Romaine lettuce or spinach and whatever vegetables I have on hand, or just straight veggies, no lettuce. Topdad actually likes the veggie salads best.

I love to add garbanzo (or other) beans to a salad.

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