Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Reality Show

We're leaving tomorrow for a two week vacation to Utah and California; so this week I've been using up leftovers and attempting to leave an empty fridge. Last night I looked in the fridge and found very little, but there were some leftover meatballs from a recent church activity so I set about to make something with them. I remembered that my family likes Glazed Meatballs and checking the fridge again I found a bottle of barbecue sauce with less than an inch remaining, also the tail end of a jar of plum jelly.  The recipe calls for grape jelly but hey, we'll use what we have. I put water on to boil for some rice and dumped the sauce and jelly in another pan for the meatballs. There wasn't much sauce so I limited the number of meatballs I put in. Got the rice going, the meatballs glazing, and them cut up most of the broccoli to steam, leaving just enough to "stretch a can of tuna" today for lunch.

TopDad was astonished at what a delicious supper I came up with with as he put it "no discernible ingredients."

So I propose filming a new reality cooking show called "What's for Dinner?"  A chef wannabe (and crew) goes into various neighborhoods across the country knocks on any door and makes dinner using just what there is in that kitchen, with the tools available in that kitchen. THAT would show who's a good cook. I believe that almost anybody can make something wonderful with a pantry full of everything you can imagine, and a kitchen with every tool you'd ever need. BUT! What happens when you have little or nothing to work with?

As missionaries, my companion and I once made a meal out of some bite-sized shredded wheat cereal, butter, and cheese. Being poor and/or frugal has stretched more than a can of tuna at my house. My imagination regularly gets a work out.

What meals have you made out of "nothing"?

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