Monday, June 4, 2012

And thus we begin the transformation

This move affords us the rare opportunity to paint and make upgrades BEFORE we move in. Amazing!
Today Dr. Hair, Dandylion and I washed the ceiling and walls of the master bedroom as part of the prep before painting. The house hasn't been lived in for more than two years and the elderly woman who lived there couldn't keep up with all the cleaning and repairs needed so while it is a fairly solid house it is really dirty and needs lots of upgrades and redecorating.

Here are the first of the BEFORE pictures:
Master Bedroom - as seen from the door into it

Master Bedroom - moving to the left of the previous view,
 it has double closets, with drawers

Master Bedroom - view towards door to hallway, second closet door on right.
Pink splotch on wall is where I tested the new paint color.

Light fixture and vertical blinds - the finest in Dentist Office living!

Moving on to another room:

Our glorious 50's pink and aqua Bathroom
This is the second home we've lived in with this particular
bathroom color scheme. YUCK!

View of the sink and mirror with florescent fixtures.
The ceiling fixture is the same style as the bedroom.

I won't complain about all the cupboards and drawers.
This is the part I like!

"Shelves in a closet; happy thought!"
Elizabeth Bennett
One other feature we're changing:

This is the current front door knob.

This is what we put on our current house
And what we'll put on our new one.
We like this style!

I think a lever is so much more convenient and attractive.
(Someday I'll get around to refinishing the door and make it look nice.)
We'll be painting all the ceilings a brilliant white semi-gloss, which reflects light and makes a room sparkle. The Master Bedroom will be a pale pink (Glidden Barely Blush); we'll remove the ugly brown carpet to reveal some lovely oak floors; the vertical blinds will be replaced with a pink floral valance and white curtains.  The bathroom will be an even paler pink, really a white with a pink tone to it. 

Topdad is working on installing the tub, and rebuilding the wall between the tub and toilet. The former occupant had a step in tub (for elderly and handicapped) which we removed (and sold) and now are replacing with a regular tub and fiberglass surround.

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  1. How wonderful to be able to work on it before moving in! I can't wait to see the transformation! Have a lovely week~