Monday, June 25, 2012


Just a note to say I'm making progress on the transformation, but I don't have any pictures. I've done two coats of bright white on the ceiling and the first coat of pale pink on the walls in the master bedroom and it looks almost lovely. (It definitely needs a second coat.) And the old "if it's not one thing, it's another" is in operation. I left the windows open over the weekend which was not the best choice when it rained! The carpet is wet. . .but who cares as it is coming out tomorrow, after I get the second coat of paint on the walls.

In other news, our oven is dying. I made roast vegetables for lunch yesterday and after an hour and a half they still weren't completely done, at 425 degrees! Dr. Hair made cookies later in the evening and each batch took about 20 minutes. So. We'll look into it when we get back from vacation but I'm not doing anything now. This will be another episode of making do. My sister lived without an oven for how many years was it, D? Lots, at least it seemed like it. I know it is doable.

Tomorrow after the second coat of paint in on I'll take some pictures. Patience.

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