Monday, November 11, 2013

Three More Things

Day Eleven of Count Your Blessings 2013

I seem to be incredibly busy this year. And I don't like it. So to catch up (again) here are three more things I'm grateful for.

1. Thermal underwear. Baby it's cold out there!

2. Slow cookers: which make it possible for me to serve a delicious meal even when I have a busy day. Tonight we had Black Bean Chili.

3. Today of all days, I'm so grateful for those who have served, are serving and will serve our country in the military.
  • My father served in the Army Air Corps at the end of WWII
  • My three brothers served in the Army and Air Force
  • My brother-in-law served in the Army in Viet Nam
  • My husband's grandfather served in the Army
  • My husband's father served in the Navy
  • My husband is a Retired Marine
  • My daughter is serving in the Air Force
  • My son is signing up for the US Marine Reserves
  • Uncles, cousins, and friends have served in various branches of the service
All these loved ones and so many more who I don't know have served to keep us free. Not all have served in combat situations, but all are needed to keep things running smoothly. THANK YOU!

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