Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful - Sunshine and Birdsong

I knew Mother Nature was just teasing us with those two nice days. She dropped a blanket of the white stuff on us last night. However, on those warmer days I thought about some things I'm grateful for.

1. Sunshine - I need light to feel energetic and cheerful. Dark, dreary winter days are hard for me to get through, I just want to hibernate until Spring. So when the skies are clear and the sun is shining bright I feel alive!

2. Birds - I've always loved birds; in fact when asked what kind of animal I'd like to be I can truthfully answer "a bird".  And not that I'm a daredevil or anything, but I'd really like to go hang gliding or para-sailing! I envy the birds ability to fly and soar and glide.

3. Birdsong - During the cold winter I miss the sound of bird singing and calling to each other. The birds are back in town and it's great to hear them again. I even recognize some of their songs and can identify the bird without seeing it.

4. Babies - Thursday night I got to hold the five day old son of a friend. He is so tiny, just over six pounds, and so beautiful, perfectly formed and sweet. Babies are miracles and I love them. I wish I could have had five more of my own!

5. Packages in the mail - This week I received two things I'd ordered; a 1940's pattern for a little girl's dress, and a new (to me) book. It's like getting presents, and I enjoy getting presents. I miss packages from my Mom (she died almost two years ago) because she'd put in little surprises and treats, odd things she didn't need anymore and often some money to spend on something I needed or wanted. Her love language was gifts and she was so very generous.

6. Music - When I'm listening to a CD of music whether it's Mormon Tabernacle Choir or K-Pop I am grateful. It lifts my spirit, helps me go for 30 minutes on the treadmill, gets me dancing, thrills my heart and makes life better. (Don't tell anyone, I get teary when I listen to certain pieces of music, it just touches my soul to the very core.)

7. Clean bedroom - and someday I'm going to have one. I'm neat and tidy, I make my bed everyday, and put away my clothes; but I can't get rid of the piles of paper. And there's always a pile waiting to go to the thrift store, a pile of ironing waiting for a free day, a stack of books that won't fit on the book shelf, etc. You get the idea. I'm not a tosser, but I'm working on it.

8. Laughter - it truly is the best medicine. When it's time to choose a movie to watch as a family we usually say "Let's watch something fun." Laughter relieves stress and makes the heart lighter.

9. Patchwork quilts - especially the scrappy kind. I think the combinations of color and shape are endlessly fascinating. Recently I've made choices that limit my time to sew (much to my regret), but I look forward to finishing what I've started and then getting back to sewing and quilting.

10. Pretty dishes - I finally got out my Blue Willow dishes to use everyday. My family is special enough for me to justify using my pretty dishes all the time. (Plus I was so tired of my old dishes!) I culled my serving dishes too, leaving just the ones I truly love and that are the prettiest. I'm worth it!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Scrappy quilts are the best...I love the backdrop on your blog! I think a lot of people get teary with certain music dont you?I think I might have a whole extra room if I could just reduce the paper this household accumulates!

  2. I agree with you about sunshine. I tend to have more energy when the sun is shining. Oh, and I can relate to paper piles! I'm still working on keeping those under control!

  3. A love language of gifts, huh? I like that idea :)

    So glad you got sunshine and birdsong. I miss that.

    And Blue Willow-Pattern is a DELIGHT :D

  4. oh boy, I was gonna write that your first five were my favorites, but then I finished reading your list and realized I'm thankful for almost exactly the same things you are. I got my love of birds and birdsong from my Dad. Every time I see/hear, I think about him. I love the memories certain triggers create. Happy Sunday to you.

  5. Awww to the new baby and sunshine! It's snowing here, so bleh, but yeah, sunshine is big. My mom made my son a quilt when he was born and it will always be treasured by both of us!