Monday, March 3, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful - Brought to you by the Letter H

1. Health - as in good; after last week's bout with the flu I'm thankful for good health and only the normal aches and pains.

2. Humor - Saturday night I said to TopDad, "I missed you last week." He replied, "I didn't know you were aiming." It felt so good to laugh!

3. Heat - We are still in a deep freeze here in Iowa; I wear three or four layers and still shiver. I'm thankful I'm inside and not crossing the plains in a handcart.

4. Hairspray - It's the glue that helps me grow out my hair. I thought today of a way to motivate myself to keep going: I'm growing historic hair. I like to dress up in historic clothes and long hair looks more authentic hence the need for historic hair.

5. Handkerchiefs - My old linen hankies are so much softer on a sore nose than paper tissues. I love my pretty hankies!

6. Harmony - As in the boys getting along and laughing together; as in beautiful music too.

7. Hats - To cover my ears when the wind is blowing; however, I'm not so thankful for hat hair, but one tries not to think of that.

8. Georg Freidrich Handel and Franz Joseph Haydn - two of my favorite composers.

9. Hindsight - which, of course is 20 20; unlike my current sight which is almost legally blind.

10. Homemade - Just smell that fresh baked bread!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a look around and I hope you'll be back.


  1. I love themed lists, and you've got some great "H" thanks here! Do you participate in historic re-enactments, or do you just enjoy dressing up in historic clothing?

  2. Ooh, Homemade is my favorite!

  3. How now! What a way to go about your list. I like what you did with it :) And yeah - homemade grabbed me as well. LOVE that smell :)

  4. So many lovely things to be thankful for. Harmony and homemade are the two with which I most relate. With 6 kids, harmony is bliss. We moved to a hobby farm 8 years ago and have taken homemade in a direction I never would have predicted 9 years ago!
    We just came out of the below freezing temperatures for a bit this past week. I never thought 50 degrees could feel so warm! I hope the warmup makes it to Iowa soon!
    So glad you joined us this week!

  5. A letter sponsor, clever! Nicely done at that. I'm in Chicago, or as they call it this year: Chiberia! At least it's March!!
    I'm thankful to be indoors too! And very much for hairspray. I like my hair a little longer so I can pin it up. So much easier.